It’s summer and I spent my day inside!

1st -I have my fingers crossed that you are reading this from a special vacation destination and NOT from inside a building. Worst-case scenario you are at an airport or in a car heading out to your summer vacay! We have got to work hard, play hard, right?

2nd – It is a beautiful summer day and I am NOT on vacation, nor am I heading to vacation. Instead, I spent the majority of my day inside of buildings. (Aside from the wonderful lunch that I enjoyed while sitting at a table outside. Thanks, LeAnne and Michelle!) 

3rd- It was kind of tough to tell my three Little Women that I would have to “go in” to work today. (I am constantly working from home and they know that mommy works ALOT, but due to school getting out last week they assumed I would be home! Such is the understanding of life when you are still little and not yet grown.)

4th- Although I wasn’t outside enjoying the beautiful weather, I did get to experience a different kind of beautiful today.

So now for a QUESTION:

What was my beautiful experience for the day?

And for my ANSWER:

My beautiful experience for the day was in the form of inspiration. I was reminded that asking the right questions is WAY more powerful than searching for answers. This is how we learn. This is how children learn. This is how students learn. Einstein was known for his obsession with questions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 5.43.08 PM

If it worked for Einstein than I am pretty sure it is going to work for the rest of us!

So now for the proper QUESTION of the day:

Why would I willingly spend an entire day inside during the first week of summer vacation?

And my ANSWER:

To enrich my students lives by increasing my own knowledge! (Because you know. . . that’s what a geeky passionate educator does!)

Oh, and the Littlest Woman had a blast without me today. She turned herself into a “My Little Pony” with a barrette, jewels and all.

IMG_8152 (1)



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