What Makes a Learner a Good Learner?

What makes a learner a good learner? Do you know?

This is something that has been on my mind as of late. I am eternally learning new things. Just a few of those things are : Blogging, Running a Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Opening a new Facebook page, Writing a Conference Proposal, and Using Uber/Lyft. (I know, I know, such a funny little list of things I am learning. But, these are all things that are new to me!)

When I think of the new things I have been learning I noticed that there is something they all had in common for me as a learner.

As a learner, I have been uncomfortable and scared to learn, apply and attempt every-singleitem on my list. In order to truly learn and grow, I have had to be extremely brave.

So what makes a learner a good learner?  I believe it is their choice to be brave. To put it simply, good learners are brave.

They are individuals who are willing to attempt new things, discover new solutions, and expand their knowledge! 

Good learners accept and are aware, that when implementing new knowledge there is a risk they will fail before they succeed. Good learners aren’t embarrassed easily and are willing to ask questions and explore new ideas. Failure and embarrassment are fear based emotions. Fear inhibits the learning process. Good learners master and overcome their fear and in turn allow for true learning to occur.

Bravery IS the key to being a good learner. 

In Conclusion:

I want to be a good learner, so I will consciously choose to be brave.

I want my children to be good learners, so I will show them how to be brave.

I want my students to be good learners, so I will teach them how to be brave.



What do you think makes a learner a good learner? Do tell!








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