‘A Sudden Breakthrough’ Deconstructing Close Reading – Part 4

What I quickly learned from this experience jumping into the close reading process, was that if something is hard for me to swallow it is going to be even harder for others. My biggest complaint and disillusionment with close reading was its inability to be consistently implemented into a typical everyday classroom. It just took too long to create solid lessons and was simply not sustainable on a consistent daily level.

At this point I decided to take my passion for the foundation of what close reading is, reading closely, and create a sustainable formula for implementation that would work regardless of the teacher, grade level, or content area.

This was my breakthrough.


Once I realized that I could take my knowledge, combine it with practical experience and create a universal approach to close reading everything changed. The teachers that I work with were fully supportive of altering their instructional approach if they were certain it would be helpful; helpful to the students and helpful to them.

In general, people want help and to make life richer and easier for themselves and others.

I could do this.

I could make life easier for myself and others. 

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