‘A Moment of Pure Terror’ Deconstructing Close Reading – Part 5

Once I realized that I needed to make things easier for myself and others I sat down to figure out what really mattered with close reading. What was I trying to accomplish with my students in regards to content and the core and how could I streamline these items. It dawned on me in a moment of pure terror that the answer to streamlining close reading was simple.

I needed to alter the traditionally accepted version of close reading from a complex teacher driven method to a deconstructed student driven method. And if we are being honest handing complete control over to students is extremely scary! forum-on-engaged-reading-deconstructing-close-reading-in-an-elementary-setting-006

I knew that there were five days in a school week and that there are certain things that must be covered within those days. I wanted to take this complex, time intensive, wedding cake approach to close reading that everyone seemed to advertise and rave about and change it into a boxed mix cupcake that I could easily use, realistically on a day to day basis. I wanted to maintain the purity of the process, keeping it rich and authentic for the students.

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