Day 1 (Part 1) ‘Read the text to get the flow’ Deconstructing Close Reading – Part 9

Teacher Prep: To prepare for day one I make sure the text is copied and students have a pencil. I also make sure I have read the text myself and prforum-on-engaged-reading-deconstructing-close-reading-in-an-elementary-setting-011eviously identified any vocabulary words students may struggle with, along with textual/content questions they may have. I rarely end up having to refer to my notes, and typically prepare them simply as a map in case I find the students need a bit of prodding.

Day one of each formula cycle begins with a quick read to get the flow of the chosen text. This is hard for teachers to handle because we want to provide background information, help make connections and define the vocabulary that is complex. You CANNOT do that during this part of the formula cycle. (If you falter and begin to explain the text you are driving the learning and you really want to focus on the students taking the learning where it needs to go.) I like to either have the students skim straight through the article, or I read it aloud while they follow along. I usually get through 1-2 pages of text read aloud to get the flow, within three minutes on this first day of the cycle.

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