Day 5 ‘You’ve got options’ Deconstructing Close Reading – Part 14

At this point in the Deconstructing Close Reading cycle, teachers and students can choose to integrate their close reading knowledge, annotations, and notes into writing content.


I personally prepare a persuasive and additional, informative prompt for every close reading piece of text that my students work on. We follow a wonderful writing scaffold and I encourage my students to include a paraphrase, quote, and inference in each paragraph of their essays. By providing a prompt directly related to the text they have been, or are working on, students are easily able to integrate all of their knowledge into their writing responses. The entire formula cycle automatically helps students to identify and compose their thoughts in solid preparation for responding to a corresponding writing prompt.

Whether days, weeks or months in the future, the scaffolding for their writing is already within their deconstructed close reading work and can easily be revisited.

So, if you don’t have time to prepare a prompt or complete an essay each week with your students, save their articles and notes, staple them together, and then pull them out later when there is more time.

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