‘Warning: My disclaimer and one more thing.’ Deconstructing Close Reading – Part 15


Deconstructing Close Reading DISCLAIMER: We strive to get through the entire piece of text each day, but if we don’t that is okay! We do what we can do. If we get through finding main ideas for the first few paragraphs than those are what we create gists for the following day. Of course, then we use the remaining few paragraphs to infer and quote from. In this manner, we are able to delve deeply into the content regardless of our time constraints.

Second, we do a lot of small group work throughout the cycle. I prefer to assign them partners/groups and place my low with lows, mid with mids, and highs with highs. They stick with their partner for the entire week, before being switched to a new partner for the next formula cycle. By doing this, students are able to work on their level with a partner who thinks in a similar way.

As we regroup, share, and discuss multiple times each day students are shown different levels of thinking and can gravitate towards whatever level of thought they understand and agree with. In this manner, the entire cycle is self-differentiating for each individual child.

Allowing entry points for learning across the board while still scaffolding and encouraging higher level thinking to occur. The low get what they can handle out of the process, as do the middle and the high!

‘It is student driven authentic learning and a beautiful thing.’

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‘Above all, strive for best practice.’ – Part 16


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