2017-2018 Classroom

November 6, 2017


I have recess duty this week and it was COLD and WINDY! Please make sure your kids come to school with a jacket/coat of some kind. Our playground and field are dreadfully cold when that breeze starts to blow.

This morning we took a math test on adding and subtracting fractions/mixed numbers. Every student who was present and able to take the test did amazing. Make sure to ask your child about their score. 

Parent-teacher conferences are going to be this Wed. and Thurs. That means that school will be getting out early three different days this week. (Wed., Thurs., and Fri.) I am sending home a reminder note this afternoon that includes your day and appointment time! Make sure to ask your student(s) about these. I can’t wait to meet with each of you. I love this opportunity to ‘brag’ about the students. 🙂

Math: We are starting a brand new unit on multiplying fractions. (fraction x fraction, whole number x fraction, fraction x whole number, and mixed number x fraction)

Language Arts: We are wrapping up a week study of the Civil War. This week we are discussing the end of the Civil War. (In particular Appomattox and the final meeting between the North and the South.) We are still working on 5 Paragraph – Opinion Essays. *The hope is that we will soon be ready to write more than one essay a week. (Fingers crossed!)


  • November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th – No School/Thanksgiving Break