As always, you’ve got options!

In addition to the three main components:

  1. Books of the Month’/’Society Meetings,’
  2. ‘The First Readers Club,’ and
  3. ‘Biannual Challenges,’ there are some additional supporting pieces that you may choose to integrate into your own ‘Society’ program. 

•Side Note: These pieces are not necessary but they can add extra interest and personalization to the reading program as a whole.

•Truth: Sharing ‘this part’ of the ‘Society’ with you makes me feel a bit like a charlatan. I have spent hundreds of hours developing this reading program so that it can be easily implemented and sustainable for any teacher, classroom, and/or school. Part of those hours were spent developing wonderful supporting pieces that enrich the program as a whole and fully complete my vision for a well-rounded reading initiative. I know that anything ‘needed’ for the program can be re-created by any individual who wants to put forth the effort. On the other hand, I also know, as with all things in life, that sometimes it is an acceptable tradeoff to spend some money in exchange for saving time and energy.

So, if you have an ‘awesome idea that you know will work if you do,’ then, by all means, go for it! But, if you need some additional scaffolding and support feel free to check out my pre-made items that will make things easier for you.

This is NOT a sales pitch, it’s truly all good no matter which path you choose.

As with most people, I want to know that I made a difference in this world. This program is just one of my many attempts to make the world a better place for those who live in it. My focus is on ‘selling’ my idea and not ‘selling’ a product.

Fact: ‘It is all about empowering children through the great equalizer, otherwise known as an ability to read.’

OPTION 1: Personalized Invitations


*You can find them here & here! (Yes, SOME ARE FREE SO CLICK AWAY!!!)

Why I encourage personalized invitations – Invitations to the ‘Monthly Meetings’ can help bring a sense of pride and ownership to the students as they are invited to attend ‘Society Meetings.’ These can be in the form of a standard letter with a wax seal, a pre-printed postcard, or even a ‘Society Bookmark’ decorated with a date and time.

New Society Invitation BookMarks 2017.001.jpeg

OPTION 2: Personalized Posters

Posters Society of Literary Scholars 2017 Original Keynote.003.jpegPosters Society of Literary Scholars 2017 Original Keynote.001.jpeg

*You can find them here!

Why I encourage personalized posters – Posters can also encourage a sense of school-wide community and collaboration. They can be used to decorate the halls of a school and help advertise the chosen ‘Book of the Month.’ (I have had great success backing these on foam board and then sticking them above the drinking fountains of our school with command strips. I then add a clear sheet protector to the front of the poster so I can easily slip in and out printed book covers representing each month’s chosen book!)

OPTION 3: Society Book Tasting

Why I encourage holding a ‘Society Book Tasting’ – A back to school book tasting can provide an opportunity for all parents, educators, and students to preview the carefully chosen titles and authors that will be focused on throughout the year and get excited about what is to come. It’s an easy and effective way to get everyone on the same page!

2017 - A Society of Literary Scholars Presentation.025.jpeg



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