Component 1 (Part 1) THE ‘SOCIETY’ BOOK OF THE MONTH

Now that I have flashed my Einstein picture/quote AND included some brag pictures of my adorable children, it is officially time for me to delve into exactly how the ‘Society’ works. (Sincerely, thanks for sticking around!) 

The first component of the ‘Society’ centers on the backbone of the program, the specifically chosen books of the month. This equates to one highlighted book per month for a school year of September through April.

Specifically, I am talking about two lists of eight books. One set for the lower grades (1st through 3rd) and one set for upper grades (4th through 6th). This equals sixteen books total for eight months of a school year. By creating two categories you are able to choose books that truly reflect the stages and ages of all individual students.

(As an aside: Personal experience leads me to encourage you to use four chapter books and four picture books for the lower grades that alternate month to month!)

When choosing books, don’t forget to make sure they are enjoyable to the masses!

‘Go against educator nature and don’t worry or even think about text level or difficulty.’

2017 - A Society of Literary Scholars Presentation.026.jpeg

Simply choose books based on overall favorites and interest. 


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