Hand in hand with the monthly ‘Society’ books are the monthly ‘Society’ meetings. 

2017 - A Society of Literary Scholars Presentation.014.jpeg

Note: All meetings for the year should be scheduled on the school-wide calendar ahead of time so those who ‘need to know’ such as school staff are aware of when and where each meeting will take place.

With that said, it is important to keep interest and engagement alive, so although the highlighted monthly book titles should be shared with parents and the local library at the beginning of the year, students and families are unaware of when actual ‘Society’ meetings will occur.

Why? Because, it’s that exciting suspense of knowing a meeting is bound to happen at some point, but not knowing exactly when. It reminds me of Disneyland, specifically the ride Splash Mountain. I always know there is a high probability I will get wet when I ride but I don’t necessarily know exactly when and that is what makes the ride fun.

That natural sense of suspense is perfect for rides at Disneyland and for school-wide reading programs.

Along the same lines, students can only attend a Monthly Meeting of the Society Scholars by invitation. Of course, they should never know when they are going to be invited until the moment it actually happens.

There are countless ways you can personally invite students to attend a monthly meeting and if you’ll hold tight I will share them with you in the near future! 

Regardless of how you invite students, just make sure that each and every student is asked to attend at least one meeting per year.

Yes, this means once a month for about an hour, each teacher in your school will have to sacrifice a few of their students in order for them to attend a meeting. At first, teachers in your school may bristle a bit but when they realize the tradeoff they get in return they will jump on the supportive bandwagon.

Truly, once they see that the juice is worth the squeeze they will be in full favor of supporting Society meetings. I promise!

(And . . . ‘A promise must never be broken.’ – Alexander Hamilton)


*A Brief Overview


At monthly meetings, students will have opportunities to engage as volunteers (consisting of educators, school staff, parents, and special guests) guide them through the new reading material for the month.

It is extremely important that volunteers ‘own’ their meetings. This means that they choose to volunteer on their own accord for a book and meeting that truly tickles their own personal fancy. When all is said and done volunteers are encouraged to manage the meetings however they like as long as they somehow accomplish the goal of getting students excited about the monthly book. If meeting mediators are enjoying themselves than the students will have a great time as well.


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