Component 3 – (School Wide) Society Challenges

During a school year, two ‘Challenges’ are held between grade levels. The first ‘Challenge’ of the year should focus on the first four books off the book list and the second ‘Challenge’ should focus on the last four books. ‘Challenges’ are a critical component of the reading program and a chance for students to show off their comprehension skills and reading knowledge.

‘They Challenges  are also a chance for an entire school to simultaneously engage and bond while focusing on reading and books.’

2017 - A Society of Literary Scholars Presentation.019.jpegIn a similar fashion to the ‘Monthly Society Meetings,’ the dates and times of challenges are on a need to know basis. Students love hearing their Principal over the intercom randomly shutting down the school day in order for everyone to freeze what they are doing and immediately follow the instructions to participate in a timed challenge.

From direct experience, I can confidently say that during each ‘Challenge,’ the entire school buzzes with activity as students, educators, and staff focus on composing answers and/or projects directly related to the ‘Society Books of the Month.’ It is a beautiful thing!

Because the books vary from challenge to challenge, no two challenges are exactly alike. As a result, students and adults quickly realize that it is important to read as many books on the list as possible for the bi-annual ‘Challenges.’

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Lower Grade (1st-3rd) Society Challenge Sample Bundle


Upper-Grade (4th-6th) Society Challenge Sample Bundle 


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